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Solving complex problems. Crafting beautiful solutions.

Every meaningful experience creates a ripple that’s felt far beyond the moment we first encounter it, connecting us to ideas, to each other, and to the wider world around us. 

Artemis Ward is a global digital-first agency that crafts dynamic experiences that ripple in the modern world. Partnering with brands, companies, and organizations, we combine rigorous strategy and unbridled creativity to engage audiences wherever they are now — and take them wherever they want to go next.

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“So, who is Artemis Ward?” It’s a question we hear often. And, like many good questions, its answer stretches across centuries and includes revolution and a nom de plume.

Charles Farrar Browne — better known by his pen name, Artemus Ward — was a 19th-century storyteller renowned for his humor and wit. Abraham Lincoln counted Artemus among his favorite writers and Mark Twain knew him as a close friend. A century earlier, a man named Artemas Ward (with a slightly different spelling) was the second-in-command general to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. 

And today, with just the change of a vowel (Artemas > Artemus > Artemis), we’ve adopted the name as our own — a nod to our D.C. roots and a reminder that every day is better with a good story in the mix.

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