The company that brought us the Air Jordan has a permanent place in all conversations about the NBA.

Twitter is a volume game — and the most successful accounts use the platform to hold multiple conversations with different segments of their audience at once. Instead of surface-level broadcasts that appeal to the lowest common denominator, this approach allows brands to get specific and demonstrate that they have a deep understanding of their audience.

With this in mind, we’re partnering with Nike to turn Twitter into its primary megaphone for all things hoops. This means assisting the company as it brings its Basketball Twitter strategy to life through a system that allows them to react quickly to the moment without losing the gravitas and authority of their iconic brand voice. Content creation, always-on listening, and strategic iterations allow Nike hold its place as king of the court.

Nike Basketball’s New North Star

The guiding light in Nike Basketball’s Twitterverse is a narrative platform that captures the voice, passion, and unique texture of the modern NBA fan. And at the heart of the campaign beats a single line: If you know, you know.

Shooting Our Shot

With Nike appearing in thousands of online conversations each day, we use our understanding of the brand, the sport, and the platform to create a narrative strategy that allows Nike to quickly read the room and respond accordingly. This lets us generate an ongoing stream of high-touch content, hitting everything from product launches to pop-culture references.

Kicking the Campaign into High Gear

In support of the overall campaign messaging, we’ve paired a read-and-react strategy for proactive, conversational content with a more curated approach to major moments, like the launch of Paul George’s PG4 signature Nike footwear.

Designer working on Nike graphics

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