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The people best cut out to thrive in the modern world have a special knack for navigating complexity and discovering opportunity. Their view of the world is expansive, not narrow. They’re comfortable being uncomfortable. And their curiosity knows no limits.

At Artemis Ward, these are our people. And we’re always on the look-out for talented creatives, strategists, designers, and writers who share our drive to define what’s coming next. Sound familiar? Let’s talk.


Senior Creative Strategist

You are the quarterback. You get where things should end up — and want to make sure everyone else gets there, too. Solving difficult business or communications problems elevates your pulse. And you actually (really, truly) like interacting with other humans. All of them. Doing the same thing every day has a tendency to make you yawn, so you see life's curveballs and complexities as opportunities rather than hinderances. And more than anything, you'd like to be surrounded by others who feel the same way.

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Senior Interactive Designer

You are a mid to senior interactive designer who can move seamlessly from concept to execution, designing and producing innovative motion packages for brands across industries. You have a strong creative sensibility and love the challenge of pushing into new territory.

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Whether unpacking concepts, sifting through strategy, or stitching together words, as an Artemis Ward copywriter you'll spend your time steeped in our creative work. Along the way, you'll team up with strategists, designers, animators, and more to craft smart content that makes our clients stand out from the competition. Add it all up and you're a natural collaborator, a proactive self-starter, a fearless problem solver, and a boundless dreamer. And you love to spend your days with people who are all of these things, too.

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