Amplifying Earth Month at Microsoft

Every month is earth month — this is a perspective that we carry into every facet of our work with Microsoft. That said, we also know that Earth Month marks a time when the world is especially attuned to conversations about sustainability — and when it comes to the fight against climate change, Microsoft has something to say. So this year, as we do every April, we worked with the Microsoft team to create a bold video and extensive suite of deliverables for this year’s campaign — a campaign that celebrates the on-the-ground, results-driven work being done across the globe to create a more sustainable future.

3 graphics for the Microsoft Earth Month campaign

Beyond Earth Month, we’re focused on helping Microsoft share progress on its ambitious sustainability goals year-round — goals like carbon-negativity, zero waste, 100-percent renewable energy, all by 2030. To get there, we’ve recently partnered with the Microsoft team to launch a zero waste program at the Dublin campus, to build communication strategies for their LEED certification projects, to craft storytelling and thought leadership around the company’s groundbreaking work in the new, all-electric kitchen at the Puget Sound campus, and plenty more 🌎.

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