Postcards From the Future:
An Optimist’s Dream for an Uncertain Age

At Artemis Ward, we’re always looking to the future. And in helping brands shape what’s next, we often come across big questions that get stuck in our minds, even as we struggle to answer them. How is technology changing the world for the better? How will our relationships with each other — and the natural world — continue to evolve? And how do we tell stories about the future, even in times where nothing feels certain?

Of course, predicting the future is no easy feat — and there’s no direct path to getting there. But whether forecasting what’s coming tomorrow or looking years down the road, there’s one element we always rely on: observation. What changes are we noticing even now in the world around us? What factors shape the way the world is evolving? What patterns can we discern — and how can they help us begin to recognize the path forward?

As we began to explore these questions, we were inspired by new approaches to city planning that put sustainability first; we were motivated by discussions of new digital spaces that bring us closer together; and we saw creative solutions to problems that seem insurmountable. From there, we began to imagine how these realities might evolve into a future we’d be excited to be a part of.

A photo of a sketchbook and several sheets of paper with notes and drawings

Honing in on those big conversations allowed us to tell a new kind of story. Together we worked through our vision of a world where digital technology, rather than dividing us, could actually bring us closer together — both literally and figuratively. A world where seemingly insurmountable distances become navigable, resulting in more communication, more empathy, and the ability to experience the world through someone else’s eyes. And a world where we grow in conjunction with the natural world, rather than at its expense.

But we didn’t want to keep those conversations to ourselves. Instead, we turned them into a physical gift to share across the globe. Our limited print series Postcards from the Future is the culmination of those conversations, discussions, and dreams: an imaginary tableau of the future not as we fear it will end up, but as we dare to hope it could become.

A photo of several overlapping illustrations of people outdoors in urban and suburban environments

Interested in a set of postcards that you can use to connect with friends near and far? (Or need some fresh art for the fridge?) Drop us a line at and we’ll send a set your way. Be sure to include your name and mailing address — then we’ll see you in your mailbox soon.

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