Commercial real estate developers are driven by the bottom line. Calvert Impact’s new Cut Carbon Note is designed to add carbon reduction to the equation.

A revolutionary product can change the game, but before that happens, a purposeful identity and memorable storytelling need to do the heavy lifting that connects the product to the gamechangers. 

Calvert Impact — an industry-leading impact investment firm that’s been driving ethical finance for nearly 30 years — recognized an opportunity to make a major dent in carbon emissions by incentivizing commercial real estate developers to integrate sustainability into every aspect of their projects. Given that 40% of America’s carbon output comes from the built environment, this is a significant move. At Artemis Ward, we rolled up our sleeves to bring the Cut Carbon Note to life and introduce it to the world.

Giving Identity to a Note

It’s not difficult to understand why this planet-loving investment product warrants the spotlight: When the decision-makers behind construction projects are committed to reducing carbon emissions, we’re a big step closer to addressing our climate challenges. So we couldn’t wait to give the Cut Carbon Note a look and a logo that matches the product’s ambition. After guiding Calvert Impact through a product-naming process, AW crafted a product identity system for the Cut Carbon Note that’s ready for every touchpoint, whether digital or IRL.

An Anchor Video for a Groundbreaking Product

A 75-second anchor video for Calvert Impact’s new Cut Carbon Note combines photography, live action, and motion graphics/typography to introduce a revolutionary new financial product that’s designed to spur momentum in an industry long overdue for impactful solutions.

A phone with a twitter post from Calvert Impact next to a collection of campaign graphics

Taking an Investment Note to Social

To reach audiences ranging from financial advisors to everyday investors, Calvert Impact is taking the Cut Carbon Note to social media. Crafted by AW, this robust social media toolkit offers a strategic framework and content creation guidance to keep the story strong and focused across all of Calvert Impact’s social channels.

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