To garner support for their initiative to train one million climate workers, Education Development Center needed to make a splash at the world’s largest climate conference.

Thirty million jobs are expected to be created as part of global climate action in the next ten years. The Our World, Our Work (OWOW) initiative from Education Development Center (EDC) is training and platforming the young people destined to fill them. But matching the pace of climate change means scaling their initiative — fast — and COP28 in Dubai, UAE, presented them the perfect opportunity to do so.

To catch the attention of political leaders, NGO partners, and industry employers alike at the world’s biggest climate conference, EDC needed a message to break through the crowded media landscape. So we created a digital campaign that surpassed industry standard benchmarks and firmly established EDC’s vision for the future alongside its reputation for getting the job done.

Purpose Built Creative

Targeting a hyper-specific audience around COP28, we tailored the campaign to draw the attention of international leaders. On social, we seeded sponsored ads to extend EDC’s credibility. In digital ads, we stood out in a sea of white news websites by using bold colors and striking stats. Ultimately, across all assets the message was clear: young people need real action from leaders now — and EDC is poised to make that happen.

3 phones with social media posts from Education Development Center over a green background

Beyond Greenwashing

Rounding out the digital campaign, a minute-long anthem video ties EDC’s ambitious program to the global moment. Evoking organic life through topographic, tree-ring-esque design motifs, the video breaks the conventions of sustainability campaigns by going beyond expected palettes and messaging – and putting the real beneficiaries of this work first.

Laying the Groundwork

Throughout and preceding the Our World, Our Work COP28 campaign, we provided EDC strategic counsel to help shape their evolving brand. In a series of workshops, we helped them to define a narrative framework that captures the breadth of the org’s projects in education, health, and workforce skills training under a single cohesive story.

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