As the voice of the film and television industry since 1922, the Motion Picture Association has nearly a century of movie-making magic under its belt.

From script to screen, the Motion Picture Association represents every piece of a $100 billion entertainment industry. And as the industry voice, the organization needs a digital presence that not only communicates the star power in front of the camera, but also the creativity and innovation that happens behind the scenes. These are stories we’re excited to help them tell.

Our partnership began with the redesign of the organization’s website. Placing fresh emphasis on behind-the-scenes footage, we developed a visual approach that features motion video to put the often-unseen work of the film crew front and center. With the launch of the website, we extended the approach to the organization’s digital and social strategy as well as designing experiential signage at their recently renovated Washington, DC headquarters — these core elements working in harmony to connect the movies and TV shows we love to the people and policies that bring them all to life.

MPA Film Ratings illustration
MPA's Super Hero Summer campaign logo
Mobile phone with blue screen featuring emojis

Giving MPA a Digital Overhaul

We began by taking a big step back to ask: Who is the Motion Picture Association and what role do they play in the way we experience movies — yesterday, today, and tomorrow? After a robust discovery and strategy phase, we found our answers — and used them to reimagine the association’s digital footprint, including a new website, a refresh of its popular Credits publication, and a vocal, intentional presence on social media.

From the Big Screen to the Wall Screen

With a fresh look and an updated story to tell, MPA wants to make sure employees and visitors to the newly remodeled headquarters don’t miss the message. So we worked with the association to design narrative, informational, and promotional content that brings their on-site screens to life.

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