Truly had the flavors, the fans, even the branded Hawaiian button-downs.
Then came a fresh digital experience that unites the Tru-niverse.

Since Truly first bubbled onto the scene in 2016, it’s gone from a promising Boston Beer Company experiment to the biggest player in the company’s impressive portfolio, sitting alongside Sam Adams, Dogfish Head, Angry Orchard, and Twisted Tea.

As Truly’s catalog continues to expand — and its legion of loyal drinkers along with it — the hard seltzer leader wants a website that makes its flavorful products easy to explore and its brand personality impossible to miss. That’s where Artemis Ward comes in.

A photo of a Berry Punch flavor Truly Hard Seltzer
A photo of a Strawberry Lemonade Truly Hard Seltzer
A photo of a Lime flavor Truly Hard Seltzer
A photo of a Watermelon Cucumber flavor Truly Hard Seltzer

Putting the Focus
On the Flavors

With more than 30 hard seltzer flavors, a rotating cast of co-branded products, and new offerings like flavored vodka, Truly needs a site that lets its seltzers shine. So we crafted product pages that give visitors everything they’re looking for in one place, including flavor descriptions, buying options, and nutritional info.

Bringing Strategy to the Story

Truly has a story to tell, a growing catalog of hard seltzers to sell, and an audience that’s brimming with questions about everything from ingredients to merch to the philosophy at the center of the Truly way of life (answer: “Look forward and recline backward”). To connect with customers on all of these fronts, we built a content strategy that combines campaign spotlights, product exploration, and accessible storytelling — and we served up “explosive” copy that brings Truly’s unique energy to the site.

Woman sitting on picnic blanket in the park sipping a Truly
A photo of laughing people on a boat with cans of Truly Hard Seltzer on a sunny day
A photo of a person with a skateboard in a parking lot drinking a Truly Hard Seltzer

Making the Drinkers the Stars ✨

The main characters in the Truly story are Truly drinkers themselves, who are primed to make the most of every opportunity in front of them. Through user-generated content that’s given prominent real estate on the homepage, we invite drinkers to show the world what it means to #LiveTruly.

A photo of 3 hands touching cans of Truly Hard Seltzer together for a cheers

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