You don’t have to be a pro athlete to train like a pro — that’s the promise at the heart of VALR, a fitness technology pioneer that we’ve been running with from go.

Armed with the vision and expertise to optimize elite training strategies for athletes at all levels, VALR uses personalized biometrics to provide real-time measurements and bespoke training regimens for everyday athletes who want to train like professionals. 

As early partners of this innovative startup, we worked hand-in-hand with the VALR team to create their name, brand identity, and website, as well as the watchOS and mobile applications that put their groundbreaking platform into easy reach for athletes. We understand that for the app to live up to its potential, it needs to feel like a living, breathing extension of the wearer, so we made heavy use of cool-to-warm and warm-to-cool gradients to reinforce in-app cues that increase or decrease physical activity. And we integrated motion graphics into the app so that the app (almost) becomes an active participant in the workout. The result is a cutting-edge fitness experience that reflects — and enhances — the kinetic energy of the wearer. 

Finding Meaning in Every Screen

To create a seamless experience that mimics real-time, expert coaching, we relied on an iterative user-experience design process informed by empirical field testing and rigorous feedback loops. The upshot is an intuitive system that allows users to focus on VALR’s powerful training tools while hiding the other distractions found on phones and watches.

Wireframe designs for the VALR fitness app
VALR Fitness interface Icons
VALR Fitness interface Icons
VALR fitness WatchOS app screen
VALR fitness WatchOS app screen

Making Things Happen on Our Watch

The VALR watchOS app features an intuitive interface that distills the inputs down to the most critical information, relying on voice cues and haptics to let users focus on the real mission: their workout.

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