national geographic's
planet or plastic?

The choice is yours.

When National Geographic published its iconic Planet or Plastic? issue, the organization saw an opportunity to use its platform to make a global impact. 9 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year, and the organization used the Planet or Plastic? issue to kick off a multi-year initiative to raise awareness around plastic pollution, and to reduce the number of single-use plastics that enter our oceans and waterways.

Take the pledge

We stepped in to help National Geographic with the Planet or Plastic? Pledge, a way for the organization to convert support for the April issue into tangible action, where people could commit to curb plastic use in their everyday lives. We designed the platform to allow National Geographic to deploy country-specific versions of the pledge across the globe and help the organization hit its goal of preventing 1 billion items from reaching the ocean by 2020.



Our work on The Planet or Plastic Pledge was awarded both the Webby and People's Choice awards in the Green category.